Our Mission

CTAcademy’s Mission



CTAcademy is sponsored and created by the people at ChiroTouch, who foster a culture that honors the commitment chiropractors and their staff make each and every day to help patients find true health. We do this by not only giving back to the profession at the local, state and national level, but by matching that commitment with our own by continuing to provide practices with innovative software solutions that give the doctor more time to spend on patient care, which has a positive impact on both patient health and practice profitability. It’s a responsibility we hold in the highest regard.

CTAcademy is an extension of ChiroTouch’s mission and commitment to you, the chiropractor, aiming to Connect, Engage & Inspire the chiropractic profession.

Connect – To accelerate the development of chiropractic care, chiropractors, health practices, and patients, we must connect and share knowledge.  CTAcademy finds informed speakers who hold expertise in various aspects of practice that will benefit you.  We view it as our duty to connect you with the resources and knowledge we all need for the profession to survive and thrive in the era of modern healthcare.

Engage – To provide the most value for you, we believe in unscripted, yet informed interactive learning sessions.  The days of the chiropractic lecture hall and force fed information are long gone.  Today, we provide you the answers you need on a weekly basis.  We ask our speakers to be engaging and available for the benefit of the audience.  We ask that you come prepared to sessions with questions, ideas and an open, growth mindset.  Angela will host and moderate webinars to ensure chiropractic courses are up-tempo and filled with information you can use.  So Engage with CTAcademy and grow today.

Inspire –  True performance requires inspiration.  CTAcademy is inspired by the versatility, strength, and passion of our chiropractors.  The speakers and content presented often are filled with amazing stories and incredibly useful strategies that can lift your chiropractic practice to new heights.  We want you to be inspired by the energy of our speakers, feeling their passion.  Look for 5-7 ideas you can put into your practice today and start inspiring your patients, staff, friends, and family tomorrow.

Connect. Engage. Inspire.