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Dear Fellow Professionals and Chiropractic Leaders,

Welcome to CTAcademy for Professionals.  Since 2009 it has been our pleasure to bring to you CTAcademy, a ChiroTouch sponsored resource center filled with non-biased information created for you, the Chiropractor.

The words Connect. Engage. Inspire. really comprise CTAcademy’s mission. CTAcademy coordinates a year-long speaking schedule to Connect you with Chiropractic thought leaders, their wisdom, and advice. We expect our speakers and audience to Engage with you, the audience, and answer all your questions.  Many of the stories our Chiropractic experts will share in the webinars and on-demand videos Inspire us and our hope is they will inspire you too.  Each session is filled with inspirational ideas and positive energy. So please take advantage of this wonderful collection of cutting edge insight, as we truly hope it gives you the edge you need to navigate your career in a more powerful, meaningful and successful way.

Browse our webinar schedule, watch our Chiropractic on-demand video library and enjoy! Refresh, recharge and learn something new you can put into your chiropractic practice.  Just as we have since 2009, CTAcademy will continue to support the profession.  And to do so, we’d like to ask for your help.  Please, can you tell us what’s on your mind? What are your successes and challenges? What new content do you want to see? Together, let’s enrich you, your patients and the Chiropractic profession.

Together, let’s Connect. Engage. and Inspire you, your patients and this wonderful Chiropractic profession of ours.




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Connect. Engage. Inspire.