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Dr. Michael Viscarelli

Founder and Chiropractor

Dr. Michael Viscarelli is the co-founder of AMPED, a comprehensive program covering all aspects of running a successful chiropractic practice. He founded ADIO Chiropractic of Golden in 2012 and has actively practiced there ever since. Dr. Viscarelli attended Life University and has been an active speaker at the university since 2011. He is also the co-founder of Launch Tour, Minute Mindset, Jumpstart Program, Mind Tweak, REV Billing, and The Sweet Life Design. Dr. Viscarelli is passionate about contributing to the overall health and quality of life of his practice members and believe health is our number one asset – nothing about the body is an accident!

Presenter's Webinars

Webinar Topic Date
The Secrets to Becoming a Thriving Chiropractic Entrepreneur 7/11/17 10:00 am PST Watch Video
If you do what is right enough, long enough, the end result is predictable. - Jim Rohn

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