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Engagement Longevity: How to Use Analytics to Create Committed Patients

Chiropractic is not one-size-fits-all and your patient retention program should not be either! In this […]

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57 minutes

From The Ground Up: Adjusting The Typical Foot

Healthy feet are vital for mobility. In their lifetime, the average person walks approximately 100,000 […]

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56 minutes

Mastering Exercise’s Role in Your Patient Care Plans

Are you still ignoring exercise as part of your care plan? It’s time to think […]

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58 minutes

3 Reasons You Should Be Working with Oral Care Providers

As chiropractors, it’s easy to think that the oral health world is completely separate from […]

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59 minutes

How to Educate Patients Beyond Pain: The Modern, Progressive New Patient Workshop

If chiropractors were caring for patients beyond pain, then the national average PVA would be […]

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68 minutes

Top Secrets to Becoming the Go-To Pediatric Leader

It’s no secret that childhood illness has become an epidemic. This is the sickest generation […]

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68 minutes

Chiropractors and Hormones – The Undeniable Connection

How does a chiropractor from a small town in Wisconsin turn a one-room, back alley […]

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69 minutes

Clinical Pearls – Taking Care of Stressed Out & Sick Kids

More than ever before parents of this generation are seeking out drug-free health care for […]

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70 minutes

11 Core Competencies Every Wellness Practice Must Master

Many chiropractors have a desire to serve patients with a one-stop wellness practice where they […]

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