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Start watching NOW! Below are our most recent on-demand webinars made for you the chiropractor and chiropractic student. The video library is separated into professional and collegiate divisions and you can easily browse videos by speaker or topic. So start watching, learning and growing today!

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59 minutes

Multidisciplinary Practice the Right Way: The Dos and Don’ts of Integrative Practice

Many healthcare providers have begun to recognize the potential benefits – in patient care and […]

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72 minutes

Medicare Diagnosis For Medical Necessity

Reports by the Office of Inspector General have pinpointed that DCs now have one of […]

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66 minutes

Don’t Let These Unusual Medicare Billing Codes Trip You Up in 2019!

With only three spinal chiropractic manipulative treatment (CMT) codes that are covered under Medicare, selecting […]

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52 minutes

Impactful Marketing Ideas for the Busy Chiropractor

Want to position your practice for consistent growth? Getting new patients is great, but it […]

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56 minutes

2019 Quality Payment Program – What You Need to Know

The Quality Payment Program Final Rule for Year 3 was released on November 1, 2018. […]

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57 minutes

From The Ground Up: Adjusting The Typical Foot

Healthy feet are vital for mobility. In their lifetime, the average person walks approximately 100,000 […]

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56 minutes

7 Steps to a Compliant Financial Policy

This webinar will provide an understanding of the basics of developing financial policies and a […]

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61 minutes

Accelerate Your Practice with Associates

Knowing that you are ready for an associate chiropractor is based on more than the […]

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58 minutes

The Keys to All Top Producing, Profitable Practices

The most successful Chiropractors share two key qualities – persistence and consistency. You too can […]

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